All about that data – Apple & MusicMetric

Last year saw Apple buying MusicMetric, a company specialized in gathering artist data anywhere from social media to BitTorrents and mentions on blogs. While Apple released a statement declaring that “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plan”, one can speculate that they bought the company to incorporate their analytics into Apple Music, which launched on June 30th 2015.

So why would Apple be interested in acquiring MusicMetric? With the streaming service Apple Music up and going, Apple can make use of the data gathering to provide analytics to the artists and labels they are affiliated with, and seeing as MusicMetric also branched out into providing analytics for films, tv shows, e-books and games, Apple could definitely see some use for it outside of Apple Music. It will also be useful for seeing how streams affect iTunes sales and what kind of impact YouTube plays and mentions on social media can have both on streams and iTunes downloads.


It also allows Apple Music to compete more effectively against Spotify, it’s main streaming rival. As Spotify also provides data and analytics to artists and the music industry, not being able to offer something on par with that would be negative for Apple. All in all it seems to me that it’s definitely a positive development for Apple to have bought MusicMetric, especially as Apple, being such a big company can probably find many different ways of utilising the data collected. A side note to MusicMetric having been removed from the market so to speak, is that this provides a big opportunity for Next Big Sound, one of MusicMetrics biggest competitors. Now they have the possibility to acquire the part of the market share that either can’t or won’t  use a MusicMetric owned by Apple.


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