New start, but photos first!

This is a cross-post from where my blog has been the past 6 years or so. But I’m in the mood for something of a new, clean start, so all posts coming up will be on this MusicEleven blog!

A LOT of photos from the past year will be coming up in the next few days.
It’ll be mainly photos since so many of the gigs were so long ago (yeah I know, I can only blame myself) and I’ve probably forgotten half the things that happened or were funny at the time.

But I’ve realised I do miss blogging, and having the blog to look back on after the gigs. I’ll take more care this autumn, because I don’t want to forget the small moments, the weird and the fun things that happen when out to gigs all the time.

Here we go…
(they’ll get separate posts, or this one would be miles long)

(Twin Atlantic at Scala in London, photo by Kristina Österling)


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