Never think it’s gonna be easy!

There I sat, excited to start the blog again, excited to get all the photos up and reminisce for days. Got one whole post up, went to bed for some beauty sleep to wake up fresh and ready to spit out a post per minute. Started my computer and hey! – It’s crashed!

So now, instead of uploading photos I just hope to get them off the computer and onto my external hard drive at all. Laptop is back in Sweden and I have already moved back to Brighton. But fear not, because the gig season is already upon us!

Instead of getting old photos, you’ll be getting new and fresh photos and updates from the road. I’ve gotten myself a slick new laptop too, light enough that I’ll have absolutely zero excuse to not bring it along with me and keep you all up to date with my VERY exciting gig going life (it mainly consists of megabusses, but let’s skip that part).

As I’m off on my first gig adventure of the season while writing this, I thought I’d spend the coach ride uploading some photos, most definitely better late than never (took me a while to get an adapter so I could transfer my photos to my computer, ah, the one-port-and-shitty-wifi-life).

But here we go!
Some Brighton snaps to start us off:


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