Red Fang – KOKO, London 27/9

Before I even got to Brighton, I did my usual thing which is to have a little gig detour. Last year it was Twin Atlantic in Perth, Scotland, this time Red Fang in London. So a lot closer! And not involving a 13hour Megabus ride, which I have to count as a bonus.

Red Fang were playing KOKO and I managed to get there after doors without having a nervous breakdown. Maybe I’m growing up? (Yeah…right.)

Red Fang are one of those bands that I love without listening to them regularly, without really interacting with them at all apart from watching the video for Wires at every pre party ever (link at the bottom of the post, give it a watch! Pure genius). I’ve only seen them once before, at Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle, Sweden, and they were excellent. So now that I had the chance to time my move back to England with one of their gigs, it was a given that I should go.

And did they live up to my expectations? Did they ever! They got straight into with Wires as their first song and kept the energy up from there and through the whole set. The only other song I know, Prehistoric Dog, came at the end of the set, where I had expected Wires to be as well, though it worked surprisingly well having it at the start!

I’m usually bad at going to gigs where I don’t really listen to the band beforehand, something I’m trying to get better at, so this was a pretty unusual experience for me, but so good!

It was interesting seeing the difference compared to, say, Twin Atlantic when it came to amount of people filming and taking photos… A few people took a couple at Red Fang, whereas at a Twin show the whole thing is just a sea of phones. I gotta say, Red Fang was easily the better experience…

After the show it was straight to bed, enrolment and busy weekend coming up (ended up busier than expected, in a good way)!

imag0147 imag0149 imag0150


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