Rory Indiana & Reigning Days – BLEACH, Brighton 29/9 + Reigning Days – Boston Music Room, London 30/9

On September 28th I got back to Brighton after spending the summer in Sweden and the first thing that happens after checking into my (peeeerfect) hostel, is that Charlyne who I met at the Twin Atlantic gig in Kingston, is staying at the same hostel! Could my move back to Brighton have started better? Shouldn’t think so! We’ve obviously already planned about 400 gigs or so…

September 29th brought a short and sweet enrolment session and the first (and almost the only) Brighton gig for this autumn. Started the evening by heading down to The Globe to check out Sad Lamp’s pre-launch show. Only caught about ten minutes of the first band, but the vibe was great! Looking forward to seeing more of their events. Then for a quick walk up the road to BLEACH, where Rory Indiana were playing.

No surprises there, as in, they were just as good as ever. If they come to a place near you, definitely, definitely check them out. Haven’t been this excited about a band and what the future may hold for them since Arcane Roots. Their (Rory Indianas) EP, Ruling Class Crooks, is available on Spotify and should be given a listen or ten. The video for Leave Me can be found at the bottom of this post.

Reigning Days were on afterwards and a very nice surprise for me! I had never heard of them before but they instantly had a new fan in me after an energy packed set, the only thing letting them down was the crowd, we were so few there. I accidentally spent so long chatting to people outside the venue after this that by the time I made it back upstairs ALLUSONDRUGS had already played and gone… Oops. I then spent the next day debating if I should go to London and see Reigning Days again, this time supporting Kyle Gass band, and well, of course I did go in the end. Not that I took much convincing. It was another great gig and I can’t wait to see them again, at headline gigs please!

Sadly I’ll miss their headline show at The Old Blue Last on November 9th, but anyone who’s in London and into great rock n’ roll music should definitely go!

I’ll get some more of their music up on the blog as well, when I have a better internet connection going for me.



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