Royal Republic – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 8/10 Support: Bleeker & Dinosaur Pile-Up


My coach ride to Nottingham was quite obviously not spent blogging about the gig in London as it should’ve been, but rather I slept like a log. Good for me, bad for the blog. Does that count as rhyming? It should count as rhyming. Anyway, got to the hostel and didn’t even have to do my makeup as it had magically stayed on from the night before. Lazy, but hey, it it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Changed and ready it was off to Rescue Rooms where I anticipated a very chill queuing, because hey, pub and outside heating. Was first in the queue, amazingly, and was loving life with my pint of cider and my book. Socialise? What do you mean, socialise? Doors went smoothly and it turned out that the meet & greet people had left a spot free at centre barrier and hey, don’t mind if I do. Did get talking to the guys behind me though, since I was running to bar/bathroom/merch about a million times and they were kind enough to hold my spot for me. Super nice people and see, I can socialise, it happens.


The gig itself was, for me, the best of the three when it comes to the band. They’re always (and have pretty much always been) an extremely tight live act but in Nottingham it was completely top notch the whole way through. If asked to point out specifics that were different I really couldn’t, just a feeling, but a great feeling. The crowd was somewhere between Bristol and London, into it but not very lively. I don’t GET it? How do you not jump to their songs? How do you just stand there, like statues? (Now I want to see Enter Shikari again.) Oh well, the band was so good I couldn’t really be bothered to mind about the audience, a good thing I suppose.


Not a lot to say about the support tonight, but that’s in a good way. Dinosaur Pile-Up just continue to grow on me and I can’t wait to see them on the Swedish dates as well! Bleeker, well, their EP is pretty much the only thing I’ve been listening to since the first gig and I can only hope they make it back to the UK for touring soon, wouldn’t mind some headline gigs!


After the gig I was social indeed, talking to basically everyone, constantly. Double vodka + mixer was £4 in the pub and the rest, as they say, is history. Made it back to the hostel and had a not so great moment when I woke up and realised that my phone had died and had I missed my coach back to London?? Turned out it was exactly the time I had planned to get up, so off for a Greggs and onto the bus – Kingston and Biffy Clyro awaited!



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