Royal Republic – The Garage, London 7/10 Support: Bleeker & Dinosaur Pile-Up

After an early night in Bristol, oh bed how I love thee, it was time to head back to London for another round of RR-madness. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be seeing much more of beds until Monday, so definitely made the most of it in Bristol. It was YHA time again in London, great stuff as they actually have comfy mattresses. I was still stuck in the, now extremely dated, mindset that Royal Republic isn’t a bad you have to queue for, which was very nice. Meant I had a calm few hours at the hostel for once.


Of course, when I made it to the Garage around 5pm, it turned out there was 40 people ahead of me in the queue because it was SOLD OUT JOSEFINE, get with the times! The meet & greet people were of course first in anyway, so front row was a no go (early entry, you can get to fuck). That said, I got second row and was very pleased because the audience was AMAZING. Everything I wished for and more, jumping throughout the whole show and turned into a little puddle of sweat by the end of it.


Royal Republic brought their A-game of course, just a brilliant on stage as in Bristol. I tried to the chats with audience about three times, only to realise every time I tried to stop recording, that I hadn’t actually been recording in the first place. So, no funny snippets for the blog. But at least there photos and shoutout to RR for being great to photograph and to whomever was responsible for the lights too! Even if I think there was some frontman syndrome it was great otherwise! And only red and purple, thank you very much for that. Same setlist as the day before, I did manage to snag one, but I also managed to forget to photograph it… I know, promises, promises.


The new songs continue to be so. damn. good. Weekend Man live is just amazing and at some point my head will probably fall off from headbanging too much. Full Steam Spacemachine finally got the reception it deserved as the closing song, THANK YOU audience, you were the best!


Support acts were great again, Dinosaur Pile-Up grows on me with every song I hear live. Will probably not be a band I spend a lot of time listening to on my own, but then, not many bands are. Live however, they are really, really good even if I’ll be damned if I can explain in  just what way. They draw me in. See them for yourselves!


Bleeker are so tight live it’s just ridiculous, watch out Adam, you’ve got a contender for charisma there! At least some of the maturity in their songs was explained when it turns out they’ve been band for a longer while, with more releases than only an EP, just under another name. Obviously it’s mainly that they’re extremely good at what they do, but still!


The night didn’t end there however, it was back to the hostel for me to meet up with Charlyne and head to Facedown at Scala. Hands Like Houses were playing and oh dear. Rock bands with funky bass, man. Makes me tingle. Great gig by them, and a great night all in all with loads of amazing dancing (heh) to old goodness like AFI and Good Charlotte. Even if the DJ didn’t play ANY of my requests. Bed at 4am, solid. Up at 9 and off to Nottingham! A tale for another post.



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