Augustines – Concorde 2, Brighton 16/10 + Kentish Town Forum, London 18/10 Support: Fatherson

The day after Twin Atlantic in Leeds I was in bed until 4pm and then got ready to haul ass down to Concorde 2. Augustines doing their farewell tour and I must admit that I’ve never actually listened to them before. Mainly in it to see Fatherson who were supporting.

Got to the Concorde (2) in time for doors and had a way overdue catch up with Jess! Chatted until Fatherson went on, whereupon I made my way to 2nd row and enjoyed their set. They’re just ridiculously good and tight live, see them if you get the chance! Can’t wait for another headline tour. Had some hopes they’d be supporting Twin Atlantic on their Europe tour, but no such luck.

Then it was time for Augustines, and I must admit to both not hearing them before and to not paying attention at the Brighton gig. Instead more catching up with Jess happened, but also the decision to go to the London gig. Because what I did hear and see of Augustines in Brighton was just goddamn great!


Two days later it was time for London and I was in quite a fragile state after the Monday night (Karaoke? REALLY?). Had promised to pick up stuff at the Concorde as well, so had a lovely few hours of being on a train, running to the hostel, running to Concorde and then actually taking a taxi back to the train station when I realised I was running out of time to see Fathersons set. Shortest Brighton visit ever, less than an hour before I was back on the train to London. After a ten minute nap on the underground to Kentish Town I was finally feeling better as well, and in a state where I could actually enjoy the gig. Always a plus!

Got into the venue about halfway through Fathersons set, so at least I got to see four songs! Just as good as in Brighton too, even if I was a lot further back. After unsuccessfully trying to find Jess I decided to spend about 3/4 of the Augustines set up on the balcony and it. was. amazing. Got a perfect seat on third row so had a great view and the sound was perfect. So good to see the audience as well, especially at a farewell show. Very emotional all around. To top it off the drummer got his dad out to play drums with him and the whole audience sang Happy Birthday and I MIGHT just have shed a tear or two. Such a great gig.

I love and hate farewell gigs, even with bands that are new to me. Possibly because they all remind me of the Kaisers Orchestra farewell gigs where I was sobbing like a child for about half an hour each of the 3 nights…

After the show I finally managed to locate Jess and we spent a fair few hours doing nothing much. I also managed to locate pizza which is always a good evening in my book. Finally made my way from Kentish Town at 2am, to check in at the hostel. Well and had to run back of course because I’d forgotten my bag. Le sigh.



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