Twin Atlantic – Beckett University, Leeds 15/10 Support: Pulled Apart By Horses & Fangclub


Last day of touuuur. Well, not for the band, they were off to Newcastle the day after, but for me. Got to Leeds at some point in the afternoon, bought a new phone! After the last one died in a London loo, I was in desperate need of something to take photos with.

Did the new one (a say new, second hand) turn out to have a cracked lens, so fine that I didn’t notice it when just looking at it? Indeed. Did it turn out that this actually made for some pretty cool effects? Yes indeed. So hopefully I won’t be too annoyed by it, and can stick with this red monster a while, same model as the old one of course. I guess, let me know what you think of the old jpegs in this post, cracked lens and all. I do still want a camera able to shoot RAW, but that’s in the future.


Having bought a phone and wandered around completely lost for a while, I eventually made it to the queue where I joined the other gangstas. Queueing was pretty chilled, lots of great people and not too cold. I decided to go for barrier for the last date, we’ll see how the euro dates turn out.


Surprise, surprise, both Fangclub and Pulled Apart By Horses did great sets. I’m sure I would have more specific things to say if I had been writing this more directly after the show, rather than 9 days after the fact. So I do indeed need to be more on it with the writing, but hey! At least the bands were great, so there’s that!


And so, hey, were Twin Atlantic! The sound was better as well, which lifted the whole experience (someone had apparently taken to heart my comments, or so it was claimed haha). The No Sleep crowdsurf was still a lot more of a No Sleep toe-dip, but the Vivarium tracks had a lot more energy than, well, Birmingham. Seemed a lot more natural towards the end of tour, so hoping they’re re-growing into them so to speak. I was very happy with Leeds as the last gig, though of course I still wanted a punchier sound and more songs from GLA.


It will be very interesting to see how it all looks and sounds in Europe. Where I will do my best to get posts up a LOT closer to when the actual gig was! After Leeds though, an acoustic show and a bit of Q&A awaited in London on October 17th, more on that very soon!

imag0147Version 2


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