Twin Atlantic – O2 Forum Kentish Town 12/10 Support: Pulled Apart By Horses & Fangclub

After Birmingham I was confused to say the least, and actually opted to not queue and instead hang out in a pub with other people who were going to the gig, until doors. Might not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. And says a lot about how I felt after the Birmingham show. Also I’d promised to bring on the moshpit, especially during Missing Link so the no queuing thing was on.

(this shot could have been so damn good, but noo, be blurry by all means)

And it was great, actually. Had such a good time with everyone and even avoided feeling stressed (how, I shall never know). We ended up middle/left as per, and around 2nd and 3rd row so all was well. Rocked out to Fangclub again, dubbed by Jamie simply as Nirvana, and I can see why. Me, I agree but not to the point where I don’t think they don’t have their own style, in my opinion they’re rocking it their own way. That said, I’ve never been one to listen to Nirvana, so what do I know, really? Still very much in love with the fact that Twin Atlantic brought actual rock bands on tour, not that they haven’t had good support acts before. But with Fangclub and Pulled Apart By Horses it really ties in so well with the new album.


Pulled Apart By Horses once again pulled off a smashing show, the singer jumping into the audience for the last song like the day before. The Twin fans didn’t seem quite sure how to handle it, but it definitely got a better reaction in London than in Birmingham. He ended it beautifully by throwing up all over front row while trying to get back over the barrier and get up on stage. See, another reason why second row has it’s advantages.


Twin Atlantic played the same set as the day before, no surprise there. The whole experience though, was so much better this night. The sound was still not the loud, gritty rock I was hoping for, but it definitely sounded better in the Forum. The audience was a lot more involved as well and I rocked out like mad the whole show through. Me and Danielle was surely a sight to see, especially during Missing Link when we were even more inconspicuous, due to almost no other people moving AT ALL. It’s a GREAT moshpit song peeps, come on.
“I saw you rocking out a lot.”
“We were drunk.” (Excuse me Danielle, I headbang that much regardless)
“Yeah I assumed that.”
…le sigh.


After the show I ended up spending two hours on a hostel floor before taking the first train home and let me tell you, I was not very on it at the lectures the day after. But I DID attend them! Also I dropped my phone in a loo for the second time, and twice was apparently too much for it. Hence no photos from Portsmouth, though I’ve borrowed some from the wonderful Claire.



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