Twin Atlantic – O2 Institute, Birmingham 11/10 Support: Pulled Apart By Horses & Fangclub

Look at me, not even a few weeks into gigs and already falling behind, I won’t let that stop me this time though, even if the posts end up a bit late (wish me extra luck with this when it’s time for the next leg of the Twin tour please).


My Megabus was, surprise, running late to Birmingham, so I had extra queue stress even if I’m sure I didn’t really need it. Went directly to the venue and joined the people already sitting there, hellooo mah French gangstas! Went to the hostel after a bit and had a not so good moment when I couldn’t find my reservation – and they also couldn’t find any booking in my name, but it turned out I’d just accidentally deleted the email and they were looking under the wrong name. Everything sorted out, I got ready and back to the queue I went. Had a gourmet dinner consisting of Greggs and doors were about as stressful as usual…


Managed barrier though and had a great time discovering Fangclub (first support) and rediscovering Pulled Apart By Horses (main support). Both bands are heavy and grunge-y, perfect for a tour of Twin Atlantics latest album GLA. Setting the scene for some gritty rock n roll. Both support acts had great sound too, not something you’re always treated too.


So it was to my great surprise that Twin Atlantic came out on stage and were… flat. Not bad sound by any means, but it was more like listening to a CD in your home than being at a live show. Neither the volume or the punch expected. I’m aware they don’t really have any monitor sound and being barrier was probably a worse experience than being further back, but that said I’ve seen them from front row before and this was by far the least exciting time.


The setlist was good (well), I’ll always be a sucker for a bit of Vivarium and with both Human After All and Lightspeed I was a happy little clam. Not at all as much from the new album as I expected, but Missing Link was very welcome. A few of the songs, both from Free and Great Divide, felt superfluous however, and I question the choice of songs considering the overall feel of GLA. It needs more Ghost of Eddie and less Make A Beast Of Myself. More Actions That Echo and less Brothers and Sisters. And for me of course, just more GLA. But, I’ll happily look forward to future tours for more songs and different setlists.


Overall it was a strange, quiet gig, very much so from the audience (come on and MOVE people) and from the stage as well. A negative circle of the audience not getting enough live punch and the band not getting any response from the audience? Possibly. All I know is that it got a lot, A LOT better on subsequent dates.


After the gig we hung around for a bit, great chats with Danielle and so lovely to meet Carla again! Went to the hostel and a very, very good sleep, just not enough as usual. London up next!


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