Twin Atlantic – Pyramids Centre, Portsmouth 14/10 Support: Pulled Apart By Horses & Fangclub

After a nice day at home in Brighton with about 12hours of sleep, I jumped on the oh so smooth train to Portsmouth. Not having to go via London was just amazing, didn’t even have to change trains. Was a pretty good deal for a return ticket too! Spent a couple of hours wandering around Portsmouth which didn’t really… umm. Well, it reminded me of Milton Keynes. Strange, strange place. I gave up trying to understand it in the end, and went to Wetherspoons to wait for Claire.

We had a great time and wandered of to the Pyramid Centre just in time for Fangclub. That was cutting it a bit fine even for me, especially as I really enjoy seeing them live, but we did catch the whole thing. Though the intro to Psycho had me running full tilt from the bar to 2nd row without any drinks, because need to be headbanging to that one. Unsurprisingly they pulled off a great set, even if the venue was the weirdest one yet. School gym hall? That smelled a LOT of the chlorine in the swimming pools nearby. Weird, but it worked. Pulled Apart By Horses likewise did a good set, and the audience again didn’t seem too sure what to make of them, had a lot of fun though.

Photo by: Claire Trosch

No one seemed really sure what to make of the crowd, it was a strange one. Twin Atlantic had to stop the second song because someone decided to start throwing punches in the pit. Didn’t stop until he was escorted out either. Restart of the song and an understandably muted crowd. It got a lot better with time though and actually saw the best No Sleep moshpit of all the gigs I went to. Rather than crowdsurfing, which had failed miserably so far (2 seconds does not a crowd surf make), Sam went into the audience, had a mosh and was THEN crowd surfed back to the stage. Excellent stuff. Back to my pet peeve, the sound was still good, and still quite uninteresting. It’ll be very interesting to see how it is in Europe, especially if they’re bringing their own FOH engineer or if it’ll be venue techs taking care of it. All in all though, a really fun show, even with the “stumble” in the beginning. Seriously, don’t fucking punch people. Don’t be a dick.

Photo by: Claire Trosch

After the show Claire and I went for a drink at a pub nearby and then down to the sea. And it was glorious. And magical. Full moon and amazing views and extremely bad jokes, followed by a nap that lasted one full hour. Then, train, another train, bus and LEEDS! Last day of tour, well, for this part. And except for the following Monday of course.


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