Twin Atlantic – Beta, Copenhagen 10/11 Support: Monarks

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Arrived in Copenhagen after going with the train on the ferry, something I have absolutely no memory of doing last time? Granted, that was two years ago, but I feel like I should have some idea about a ferry crossing… Oh well, it was really nice. Once in Copenhagen city I quickly made my way to Downtown Copenhagen, my favourite hostel (even if the prices have gone up). I wasn’t staying there this time, but I’m a sucker for coffee and free wifi.


Somehow made myself presentable just in time for meeting up with the lovely Simone and making our way to the venue. And what a venue. The venue itself was great, intimate, good layout, good sound. They kept playing Biffy Clyro as well so I mean, obviously a great venue. But the area, well. Amager is not my thing. It’s far away, it’s dark and nowhere to go except Lidl. We survived a couple of hours anyway, and met up with Laureen, Marine and Danielle, fab times!
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Monarks did a good set once again, even if neither stage invasion nor crowdsurfing actually happened. Such a pleasure seeing their drummer play every night, just so good. I have to admit I still don’t really know any of the songs, but I’d say I have three favourites. So keep an ear out for the cowbell song, the last song and that other one. They’re great! Just kidding, I’ll try to figure out their names before the last date of tour at least…


The last time I saw Twin Atlantic in Copenhagen was 2014, when they played Pumpehuset. That time they played the tiny downstairs stage and the audience consisted of about 70 people, who seemed to have some kind of aversion to moving around. Not so this time. This time the floor literally shook, and it was so damn good. Everyone was into it and the response was just so much better than I ever anticipated. Setlist was, unsurprisingly, the same as the night before and even if a Vivarium song or two wouldn’t be amiss, I’m quite okay with it. My (and everyone’s, if I may) main problem is that Mothertongue has been taken off. Bring it back lads, bring it back.


Post gig the venue played more Biffy which resulted in three videos of me and Marine head banging and clapping like mad… One of them is up on instagram, imagine the rest haha. Waited around afterwards because no way will I ever miss a chance to hear the “You’re not wearing a jacket!” “Well YOU’RE not wearing a proper jacket!” between Barry and Danielle. Quality.