Twin Atlantic – Knust, Hamburg 9/11 Support: Monarks


Originally the plan was to explore Hamburg with Mareike all day, actually see the city and not queue. Ended up being a BIT cold though, so instead we had a few beers and watched Nashville at the hostel until it was time to leave for the venue. To top it off we went early just to be safe, as the tickets said doors were at 8pm, but all the Facebook events said 7pm. So much for not queueing at all!


A little side note about the hostel: DO NOT STAY THERE.
A&O Hamburg Reeperbahn is cheap, especially considering that pets are included in the price, but it’s worth spending more. And by pets I mean that not only do they have spiders, but we had a wee mouse running around our room as well. The common room was smelly, the room even worse, no ventilation what so ever. To make the whole experience just that little bit more wonderful, someone had spent the evening smoking in the bathroom. Lovely.


But, back to the gig experience (which was a lot better). Not until we arrived at the venue did I realise that it was the same one where I saw Bernhoft in 2011! Knust is a great place, the only annoying thing is that the stage is very high. Especially with no barrier, you don’t see much from front row. Monarks are supporting on the European dates and they’re good! Great voice on the lead singer, and the drummer and bassist are absolutely excellent. Some great headbanging as well, always important. For some unknown reason I promised to stage invade in Copenhagen, in return the bassist would a crowdsurf… Apparently with only me carrying him? I guess we’ll see how that turns out haha.


Then, Twin Atlantic! I was buzzing, in part from the semi-Irish coffee I decided to have (filter coffee with a whiskey on the side, what’s that, a Scottish coffee?) but mainly because Hamburg is always amazing for gigs. Twin at Molotov 2014 was without a doubt the best show of the whole tour so I expected nothing less this time. And they didn’t disappoint! The audience were absolutely fantastic, so much movement! Finally a proper reaction to Missing Link, FINALLY! The band were on point as well, feeding from the audience and it was just. so. good. Best gig of the tour so far definitely. The only thing missing was Caribbean War Syndrome, come on, you know you get a good reaction on it in Hamburg. Ah well, I’m not even gonna be that disappointed because the whole show itself was great. How it always should be, band and crowd just losing their minds together.


Had a chat with everyone, once again suggested to Barry that GLA in full + rarities is an excellent idea for one of the Barras nights. In response he name dropped a bunch of old songs that they MIGHT play, and when did my brain decide to cut out on Scottish? That’s right. So I basically didn’t hear a thing he said, but just the fact that namedropping happened makes me very optimistic about Barras. Sam again asked about the sound haha (and it’s sooo much better now!), apparently they’ve changed a lot. See peeps, complaining works… Everyone was super happy with the gig (best of tour, yup) and the fact that Missing Link finally got the reaction it so well deserves. Hoping that Mareike is now convinced about doing Köln too! The we went back to the horrific hostel and had some not so good sleep. Worth it? Always.

Now I’m finally in Denmark after a sweet train and ferry ride. Beta is the venue tonight, never been before but the google images looks promising. Except that it’s in Amager, so far away. Hoping for a better audience than 2014, but we’ll make it happen!


Oh and one last thing. They played Kaizers Orchestra at the venue bar yesterday. All night. Nothing else. They only sing in Norwegian and a random German venue plays them for four hours. But fine, ruin/make my night like that. I absolutely loved it, but the last time I saw them they were having their very last gigs so I got super emotional (and probably sang horribly just a bit too loud).