Twin Atlantic – BLÅ, Oslo 11/11 Support: Monarks

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After a nice little 8hour bus ride (my knees, I swear, this old lady is in need of a bus with bunks), I arrived in Oslo with Laureen and promptly made my way to McDonalds while she went to her hostel. Was supposed to actually get something done, but the tax office was closed and I was tired, so coffee and makeup was all I managed. A LOT of coffee.

Öresundsbron (Denmark -> Sweden)

Met up with Else to head to venue and the meet & greet that I, uh, accidentally won, turned out there were all of four of us. Which made it a meet & greet of three, because I don’t count anymore. Love that we all did the introduction by name and shaking hands though, definitely on the same page haha. It was all a bit rushed, but nice to chat and very, very nice to be inside where it was warm.

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Monarks took to the stage and sadly didn’t sound very good. Not because of themselves, they’re great, but the only sounds reaching the audience (at least front row) was guitar. And more guitar and a little bit of drums. Also guitar. Vocals were completely drowned out, which goes a way to explain the quite lacklustre response from the crowd. Hard to shout answers when you can’t hear what they’re saying on stage. Fingers crossed for more vocal in Stockholm tonight!

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Twin Atlantic came on and my friend else has already put a great review up which can be read here:
Disclaimer: I didn’t actually speak to the sound engineer about the vocals, I just went to the back during The Chaser to see if we couldn’t hear any backing vocals because there weren’t any, or just because we were front row which never has the best sound. That said, it wasn’t a front row problem this time and definitely got better during the show (even if they dropped out now and then).

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The show in itself was good. Smaller crowd than in 2014 (GLA promotion, what GLA promotion?), but they seemed more passionate about the whole thing and it was a good audience experience for Scandinavia. I’m having a few gigs now where I’m a bit more focused on the crowd, maybe just because I’ve seen Twin so many times now, maybe because it’s my home area. Regardless, it’s nice to be able to focus more on feeling the vibe of the audience sometimes, and let go a bit ot looking at the band and zoning in on the stage.


Ended the evening with going to Elses where I was completely and thoroughly spoilt with pizza, pancakes, a bed and a pair of handmade gloves for the trip to Stockholm. All the love! Now on the train, travelling through a sunny, snowy Sweden while eating sjokoladeboller. Tour could be worse!