Twin Atlantic – Kägelbanan, Stockholm 12/10 Support: Monarks

Photos at the end of the post!

Finally time for a hometown gig! Started off by tagging along to an interview that my friend Kristina was doing which was a great experience. Ross seemed none too surprised to see me, again with the handshake. The whole thing should be up on musicstage in the near future, I’ll link it on the blog for sure. Had time for a bit of food and drink after that and we ended up getting to the venue after the doors were supposed to have opened. Okay, so they opened late, but it’s still a miracle we didn’t die from queue stress.

Gangstas in Stockholm

Kägelbanan has been redone since I was there last, but then again that was about 5 years ago. It’s a really nice venue, though the stage could have been a tad lower. Monarks came on and oooh my god. So THAT’S how they’re supposed to sound. It was really, really good, great lightshow and fantastic sound! If it keeps going like this I’m gonna have to go to headline shows… But first, three more support gigs to go, can’t wait!

When Twin Atlantic came on there was actually a really good crowd at the venue, I must admit I was surprised to see so many. Excellent set again, this time with the lights and sounds to really back it up. Super hot too, though I think I must attribute that to venue, rather than the crowd going insane (even if there was a bit of movement). Got to the point where I actually went back during Yes I Was Drunk to get water and beer (ha). That said, even if I missed half a song, I was a lot more into it after downing about three glasses go water, so it all evened out.

Super happy to see them get such a good response in Stockholm, and it was probably my favourite Scandinavian gig. Okay, Copenhagen came out on top for crowd reaction (shaking floors are hard to beat), but the gig at Kägelbanan was completely on point with band/lights/sound!

Happy girl post gig!