Twin Atlantic – Kägelbanan, Stockholm 12/10 Support: Monarks

Photos at the end of the post!

Finally time for a hometown gig! Started off by tagging along to an interview that my friend Kristina was doing which was a great experience. Ross seemed none too surprised to see me, again with the handshake. The whole thing should be up on musicstage in the near future, I’ll link it on the blog for sure. Had time for a bit of food and drink after that and we ended up getting to the venue after the doors were supposed to have opened. Okay, so they opened late, but it’s still a miracle we didn’t die from queue stress.

Gangstas in Stockholm

Kägelbanan has been redone since I was there last, but then again that was about 5 years ago. It’s a really nice venue, though the stage could have been a tad lower. Monarks came on and oooh my god. So THAT’S how they’re supposed to sound. It was really, really good, great lightshow and fantastic sound! If it keeps going like this I’m gonna have to go to headline shows… But first, three more support gigs to go, can’t wait!

When Twin Atlantic came on there was actually a really good crowd at the venue, I must admit I was surprised to see so many. Excellent set again, this time with the lights and sounds to really back it up. Super hot too, though I think I must attribute that to venue, rather than the crowd going insane (even if there was a bit of movement). Got to the point where I actually went back during Yes I Was Drunk to get water and beer (ha). That said, even if I missed half a song, I was a lot more into it after downing about three glasses go water, so it all evened out.

Super happy to see them get such a good response in Stockholm, and it was probably my favourite Scandinavian gig. Okay, Copenhagen came out on top for crowd reaction (shaking floors are hard to beat), but the gig at Kägelbanan was completely on point with band/lights/sound!

Happy girl post gig!



Twin Atlantic – BLÅ, Oslo 11/11 Support: Monarks

imag1060 imag1047

After a nice little 8hour bus ride (my knees, I swear, this old lady is in need of a bus with bunks), I arrived in Oslo with Laureen and promptly made my way to McDonalds while she went to her hostel. Was supposed to actually get something done, but the tax office was closed and I was tired, so coffee and makeup was all I managed. A LOT of coffee.

Öresundsbron (Denmark -> Sweden)

Met up with Else to head to venue and the meet & greet that I, uh, accidentally won, turned out there were all of four of us. Which made it a meet & greet of three, because I don’t count anymore. Love that we all did the introduction by name and shaking hands though, definitely on the same page haha. It was all a bit rushed, but nice to chat and very, very nice to be inside where it was warm.

imag0983 imag0993

Monarks took to the stage and sadly didn’t sound very good. Not because of themselves, they’re great, but the only sounds reaching the audience (at least front row) was guitar. And more guitar and a little bit of drums. Also guitar. Vocals were completely drowned out, which goes a way to explain the quite lacklustre response from the crowd. Hard to shout answers when you can’t hear what they’re saying on stage. Fingers crossed for more vocal in Stockholm tonight!

imag1012 imag1023

Twin Atlantic came on and my friend else has already put a great review up which can be read here:
Disclaimer: I didn’t actually speak to the sound engineer about the vocals, I just went to the back during The Chaser to see if we couldn’t hear any backing vocals because there weren’t any, or just because we were front row which never has the best sound. That said, it wasn’t a front row problem this time and definitely got better during the show (even if they dropped out now and then).

imag1053 imag1065

The show in itself was good. Smaller crowd than in 2014 (GLA promotion, what GLA promotion?), but they seemed more passionate about the whole thing and it was a good audience experience for Scandinavia. I’m having a few gigs now where I’m a bit more focused on the crowd, maybe just because I’ve seen Twin so many times now, maybe because it’s my home area. Regardless, it’s nice to be able to focus more on feeling the vibe of the audience sometimes, and let go a bit ot looking at the band and zoning in on the stage.


Ended the evening with going to Elses where I was completely and thoroughly spoilt with pizza, pancakes, a bed and a pair of handmade gloves for the trip to Stockholm. All the love! Now on the train, travelling through a sunny, snowy Sweden while eating sjokoladeboller. Tour could be worse!

Twin Atlantic – Beta, Copenhagen 10/11 Support: Monarks

imag0937 imag0922

Arrived in Copenhagen after going with the train on the ferry, something I have absolutely no memory of doing last time? Granted, that was two years ago, but I feel like I should have some idea about a ferry crossing… Oh well, it was really nice. Once in Copenhagen city I quickly made my way to Downtown Copenhagen, my favourite hostel (even if the prices have gone up). I wasn’t staying there this time, but I’m a sucker for coffee and free wifi.


Somehow made myself presentable just in time for meeting up with the lovely Simone and making our way to the venue. And what a venue. The venue itself was great, intimate, good layout, good sound. They kept playing Biffy Clyro as well so I mean, obviously a great venue. But the area, well. Amager is not my thing. It’s far away, it’s dark and nowhere to go except Lidl. We survived a couple of hours anyway, and met up with Laureen, Marine and Danielle, fab times!
imag0898 imag0890

Monarks did a good set once again, even if neither stage invasion nor crowdsurfing actually happened. Such a pleasure seeing their drummer play every night, just so good. I have to admit I still don’t really know any of the songs, but I’d say I have three favourites. So keep an ear out for the cowbell song, the last song and that other one. They’re great! Just kidding, I’ll try to figure out their names before the last date of tour at least…


The last time I saw Twin Atlantic in Copenhagen was 2014, when they played Pumpehuset. That time they played the tiny downstairs stage and the audience consisted of about 70 people, who seemed to have some kind of aversion to moving around. Not so this time. This time the floor literally shook, and it was so damn good. Everyone was into it and the response was just so much better than I ever anticipated. Setlist was, unsurprisingly, the same as the night before and even if a Vivarium song or two wouldn’t be amiss, I’m quite okay with it. My (and everyone’s, if I may) main problem is that Mothertongue has been taken off. Bring it back lads, bring it back.


Post gig the venue played more Biffy which resulted in three videos of me and Marine head banging and clapping like mad… One of them is up on instagram, imagine the rest haha. Waited around afterwards because no way will I ever miss a chance to hear the “You’re not wearing a jacket!” “Well YOU’RE not wearing a proper jacket!” between Barry and Danielle. Quality.

Twin Atlantic – Knust, Hamburg 9/11 Support: Monarks


Originally the plan was to explore Hamburg with Mareike all day, actually see the city and not queue. Ended up being a BIT cold though, so instead we had a few beers and watched Nashville at the hostel until it was time to leave for the venue. To top it off we went early just to be safe, as the tickets said doors were at 8pm, but all the Facebook events said 7pm. So much for not queueing at all!


A little side note about the hostel: DO NOT STAY THERE.
A&O Hamburg Reeperbahn is cheap, especially considering that pets are included in the price, but it’s worth spending more. And by pets I mean that not only do they have spiders, but we had a wee mouse running around our room as well. The common room was smelly, the room even worse, no ventilation what so ever. To make the whole experience just that little bit more wonderful, someone had spent the evening smoking in the bathroom. Lovely.


But, back to the gig experience (which was a lot better). Not until we arrived at the venue did I realise that it was the same one where I saw Bernhoft in 2011! Knust is a great place, the only annoying thing is that the stage is very high. Especially with no barrier, you don’t see much from front row. Monarks are supporting on the European dates and they’re good! Great voice on the lead singer, and the drummer and bassist are absolutely excellent. Some great headbanging as well, always important. For some unknown reason I promised to stage invade in Copenhagen, in return the bassist would a crowdsurf… Apparently with only me carrying him? I guess we’ll see how that turns out haha.


Then, Twin Atlantic! I was buzzing, in part from the semi-Irish coffee I decided to have (filter coffee with a whiskey on the side, what’s that, a Scottish coffee?) but mainly because Hamburg is always amazing for gigs. Twin at Molotov 2014 was without a doubt the best show of the whole tour so I expected nothing less this time. And they didn’t disappoint! The audience were absolutely fantastic, so much movement! Finally a proper reaction to Missing Link, FINALLY! The band were on point as well, feeding from the audience and it was just. so. good. Best gig of the tour so far definitely. The only thing missing was Caribbean War Syndrome, come on, you know you get a good reaction on it in Hamburg. Ah well, I’m not even gonna be that disappointed because the whole show itself was great. How it always should be, band and crowd just losing their minds together.


Had a chat with everyone, once again suggested to Barry that GLA in full + rarities is an excellent idea for one of the Barras nights. In response he name dropped a bunch of old songs that they MIGHT play, and when did my brain decide to cut out on Scottish? That’s right. So I basically didn’t hear a thing he said, but just the fact that namedropping happened makes me very optimistic about Barras. Sam again asked about the sound haha (and it’s sooo much better now!), apparently they’ve changed a lot. See peeps, complaining works… Everyone was super happy with the gig (best of tour, yup) and the fact that Missing Link finally got the reaction it so well deserves. Hoping that Mareike is now convinced about doing Köln too! The we went back to the horrific hostel and had some not so good sleep. Worth it? Always.

Now I’m finally in Denmark after a sweet train and ferry ride. Beta is the venue tonight, never been before but the google images looks promising. Except that it’s in Amager, so far away. Hoping for a better audience than 2014, but we’ll make it happen!


Oh and one last thing. They played Kaizers Orchestra at the venue bar yesterday. All night. Nothing else. They only sing in Norwegian and a random German venue plays them for four hours. But fine, ruin/make my night like that. I absolutely loved it, but the last time I saw them they were having their very last gigs so I got super emotional (and probably sang horribly just a bit too loud).

Catching up!

They’re not up quite yet, but I’m writing posts and sorting through all the photos so far! They might not come up until after the Twin Atlantic tour because that starts TONIGHT, but at least I have drafts waiting. Making it a bit more likely that I’ll actually post stuff haha.

Currently at a hostel in Hamburg trying to get the catching up on blogging done and listening to Black Stone Cherry. “Wrong” band for the moment, considering I’m about to go to 5 Twin Atlantic shows, but ah, I’m so excited about the BSC tour as well! Aim to get the photos sorted today, then it’s with Mareike for a few Fuck Trump-beers.

Catch ya later!

Twin Atlantic – Beckett University, Leeds 15/10 Support: Pulled Apart By Horses & Fangclub


Last day of touuuur. Well, not for the band, they were off to Newcastle the day after, but for me. Got to Leeds at some point in the afternoon, bought a new phone! After the last one died in a London loo, I was in desperate need of something to take photos with.

Did the new one (a say new, second hand) turn out to have a cracked lens, so fine that I didn’t notice it when just looking at it? Indeed. Did it turn out that this actually made for some pretty cool effects? Yes indeed. So hopefully I won’t be too annoyed by it, and can stick with this red monster a while, same model as the old one of course. I guess, let me know what you think of the old jpegs in this post, cracked lens and all. I do still want a camera able to shoot RAW, but that’s in the future.


Having bought a phone and wandered around completely lost for a while, I eventually made it to the queue where I joined the other gangstas. Queueing was pretty chilled, lots of great people and not too cold. I decided to go for barrier for the last date, we’ll see how the euro dates turn out.


Surprise, surprise, both Fangclub and Pulled Apart By Horses did great sets. I’m sure I would have more specific things to say if I had been writing this more directly after the show, rather than 9 days after the fact. So I do indeed need to be more on it with the writing, but hey! At least the bands were great, so there’s that!


And so, hey, were Twin Atlantic! The sound was better as well, which lifted the whole experience (someone had apparently taken to heart my comments, or so it was claimed haha). The No Sleep crowdsurf was still a lot more of a No Sleep toe-dip, but the Vivarium tracks had a lot more energy than, well, Birmingham. Seemed a lot more natural towards the end of tour, so hoping they’re re-growing into them so to speak. I was very happy with Leeds as the last gig, though of course I still wanted a punchier sound and more songs from GLA.


It will be very interesting to see how it all looks and sounds in Europe. Where I will do my best to get posts up a LOT closer to when the actual gig was! After Leeds though, an acoustic show and a bit of Q&A awaited in London on October 17th, more on that very soon!

imag0147Version 2

Twin Atlantic – Pyramids Centre, Portsmouth 14/10 Support: Pulled Apart By Horses & Fangclub

After a nice day at home in Brighton with about 12hours of sleep, I jumped on the oh so smooth train to Portsmouth. Not having to go via London was just amazing, didn’t even have to change trains. Was a pretty good deal for a return ticket too! Spent a couple of hours wandering around Portsmouth which didn’t really… umm. Well, it reminded me of Milton Keynes. Strange, strange place. I gave up trying to understand it in the end, and went to Wetherspoons to wait for Claire.

We had a great time and wandered of to the Pyramid Centre just in time for Fangclub. That was cutting it a bit fine even for me, especially as I really enjoy seeing them live, but we did catch the whole thing. Though the intro to Psycho had me running full tilt from the bar to 2nd row without any drinks, because need to be headbanging to that one. Unsurprisingly they pulled off a great set, even if the venue was the weirdest one yet. School gym hall? That smelled a LOT of the chlorine in the swimming pools nearby. Weird, but it worked. Pulled Apart By Horses likewise did a good set, and the audience again didn’t seem too sure what to make of them, had a lot of fun though.

Photo by: Claire Trosch

No one seemed really sure what to make of the crowd, it was a strange one. Twin Atlantic had to stop the second song because someone decided to start throwing punches in the pit. Didn’t stop until he was escorted out either. Restart of the song and an understandably muted crowd. It got a lot better with time though and actually saw the best No Sleep moshpit of all the gigs I went to. Rather than crowdsurfing, which had failed miserably so far (2 seconds does not a crowd surf make), Sam went into the audience, had a mosh and was THEN crowd surfed back to the stage. Excellent stuff. Back to my pet peeve, the sound was still good, and still quite uninteresting. It’ll be very interesting to see how it is in Europe, especially if they’re bringing their own FOH engineer or if it’ll be venue techs taking care of it. All in all though, a really fun show, even with the “stumble” in the beginning. Seriously, don’t fucking punch people. Don’t be a dick.

Photo by: Claire Trosch

After the show Claire and I went for a drink at a pub nearby and then down to the sea. And it was glorious. And magical. Full moon and amazing views and extremely bad jokes, followed by a nap that lasted one full hour. Then, train, another train, bus and LEEDS! Last day of tour, well, for this part. And except for the following Monday of course.